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It’s just a game…

on October 21, 2010

…so why am I so worked up about it?

I played in little league when I was younger. That’s when I started my Phillies fandom.  My dad is a huge Philadelphia sports fan.  Thanks to little league I was finally able to watch a sport with my dad and understand what was happening. I eventually learned football and hockey through many question and answer sessions through many games. “What’s pass interference?” “What does false start mean?” “Why is it icing?” “Why wasn’t that icing if they just did the same thing?” All questions were patiently answered until they finally became statements “That’s pass interference!” “That should’ve been icing!” He’s a proud papa. I never did get into basketball I let him watch that alone.

But baseball was the first sport I really got into.  I got to know the players and had my favorites: John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Mike Schmidt. My folks even took me to a couple games at Veterans Stadium. I remember sitting on a marching band bus with an assistant director and bus driver listening to the Phillies lose the ’93 World Series. When I went off to college I lost track of my Phillies.  I didn’t know who was on the team or how they were doing.  I was too busy with school.  By the time I graduated college I wasn’t following the Phillies at all. I’d lost touch with all of my Philadelphia sports teams.

My fandom got re-ignited 2 years ago. The year I hurt my back. Three months being stuck at home gives you a lot of free time. Regular daytime TV got old after a month and one day I stumbled upon a business person’s special an afternoon game. A break from soaps, talk shows, and reruns! Baseball was back in my life. I got to know the players and the coaching staff again and found I liked most of the people on the team. I watched them all the way until they won the World Series. Yes it is easy to become a fan again when your team is playing well. I saw it as a way to welcome me back. I’ve been watching them ever since.

Citizens Bank Park Home of the Phillies

Last year I went to a couple games at Citizens Bank Park (CBP) and fell in love with the place. This year I caught 3 games at CBP and went down to DC to catch an away game against the Nationals. I can always see the game better when I watch at home but it is fun to see the game in person. Get into the action and cheer with the thousands of fellow fans around you.

This year my Phillies have once again made it into the National League Championship Series  and this brings me back to my opening point. As of tonight, they are behind in the series 2 games to 1 to the San Francisco Giants. I have been a ball of nerves through every game. I know I’m not the only person in the tri-state area that’s worked up over this team. I keep telling myself it is not the end of the world and it isn’t. Even so I will be stressing until the series is over. If the Phillies win I get to become worked up even more over the World Series. If they lose, it’ll be sad but I can look back at their accomplishments from this season on continue on with my life.

This is only a game that doesn’t have much bearing on my life. But still…well lets put it this way. The Phillies just tied the game and my heart is racing. I’ve gotta go…


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