Our View From Here

Perspectives of Five Women


on November 3, 2010

I am Dr. Dee Mented.  I float across the water on wafts of fog.  I am covered in the spatter of my victims’ blood.  And I am after your brain.

At least I was on Saturday night.

Now, unfortunately, I’ve returned to normal life, a non-flesh eating existence in Boston.  Less dangerous, sure, but WAY more boring.

As someone whose wardrobe teeters between super-boring and only somewhat boring, Halloween is a time to push the edges of propriety and get noticed.  I don’t much go in for the slutty nurse/witch look, but I do like to do some crazy makeup and find other ways to stand out.  Halloween gives me an excuse to act the way I think: crazy, funny, absurd and sometimes mean.  If I claw at someone’s eyes when I’m dressed as a zombie, then, well, who can blame me?  But if I do that on the subway, well, then they call security.

This year, I was part of a herd (group? team? pride?) of zombies at a party in Tennessee.  We took a pontoon boat to Bubba Brews, a dockside bar, then spent the evening having our photos taken by other partygoers, dancing, eating and drinking (beer, not blood).

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until next year to run, bloodless, through the streets and/or waterways of the nation yet again.


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