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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

on November 4, 2010

Contrary to the popular song…it’s not Christmas. It’s Autumn. This is, by far, my favorite season. The leaves change colors, you can go apple picking, and pick a pumpkin for Halloween. The temperatures start to drop and I get to bust out my hoodies, fleece shirts and sweaters. All varying degrees of comfy that T-shirts just can’t match. This season has the largest number of simple pleasures that make me smile.

I have a particular tree lined road that go on to and from work. No matter how bad my day has been this stretch of road has made me smile for the past month.  The colors on the trees have been gorgeous this year. I feel like I’m driving through an impressionist painting every time I go home but in a good way.

I’ll go for walks with my friends they look at me funny for stopping and staring up at the trees. I get mocked regularly for my enjoyment of the fall colors. I was saying to my co-workers a couple weeks ago how I love when a big wind comes through and tons of leaves flutter down looking like snow…but with colorful leaves. They asked me to share whatever I was on because it must be great. I really just think its pretty. It’s the girly kid in me going ooh and aah at the pretty colors.

I love the smell of the freshly fallen leaves. On this point people probably think I’m bonkers. There is a particular smell from fallen leaves that reminds me of raking up leaf piles for the sake of jumping into them when I was a kid. My backyard growing up was loaded with trees so we hand fantastic leaf piles. That smell will always take me back to those times and again make me smile.

Some of my favorite childhood memories happened in the Fall. We’d make an entire day of selecting pumpkins for Halloween. We’d go to the local orchard take a hay ride, maybe pick some apples, and select the perfect candidate for our Jack-O-Lantern. One year we took my rather tall Uncle with the long arms with us to the farm that had a set price for as many pumpkins as you can carry. I think the final tally was 8-9 pumpkins although my childhood exaggerated memory makes me think it was more like 15-20 but you get the idea. We only took home two but it was a great picture.

I see the Fall as nature’s last hurrah for the year before going to sleep for a couple months. There is some beauty in winter after a snowfall but it just doesn’t match  a hill side loaded with an array of trees in full Fall color glory. It won’t last for much longer. For now, I’m going to enjoy the show.


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