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Perspectives of Five Women

Sisterly Love

on November 11, 2010

I am the youngest of two. I’ve thought about my sister a lot the last few days. Mainly because she gave me the horrible stomach bug that I’m just getting over. I love my sister. I know if I ever need someone to talk to I can call her. It wasn’t always like that.

Growing up we rarely got along. Our parents were relieved when they got our first mini van and we had our own separate bench seats. I would torment her she would terrorize me.  I was told at least once that I was adopted. I think that’s an older sibling’s job, to try and make you think you were adopted at least once. hen we were elementary age we were regularly being pulled apart in our biting and hair pulling battles. Classic girl fights.We’d have our moments where we’d get along. Usually on a family get away somewhere. Overall though, both of us remember the younger years between us as tumultuous.

That all changed when my sister went off to college. Suddenly we got along. I’d be having trouble with something or another and she’d talk me through it. We actually enjoyed each others company. Even now we have a great relationship. If either of us are having trouble we know we can call the other one.

We did discover that there is a time limit to this mutual appreciation…three weeks. We realized it during her first Summer break from college. We were get along great the first few weeks she was a home and suddenly, like a switch, were bickering again after three weeks. It happened again the following year. So now we know, all will remain sunshine and daisies between us as long as we stay in the three week limit.

This brings us back to the stomach bug. She had it Monday I came down with it Monday night. I got it because I spent Saturday with my mom, my sister’s mother-in-law, and my sister having a classic girls shopping day. These are always fun days. My sister and I chat and my mom gets to see us spending our own money (she loves that) and her girls getting along (she loves that even more). My sister is aware that she got me sick and feels guilty. These thing happen its not her fault. I still had a great time with her Saturday and I’m not upset with her at all for it. Still, I may need to make her feel guilty for a little while longer though. It is what little sisters are for. 😉


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