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Descent into Shutter Bug Madness

on November 18, 2010

Since we’re closing work is slow. Mind numbingly slow. It makes me think its time to expand on my hobbies to at least give me something to do when I come home. I’ve been thinking about my hobbies a lot the past few days as I sit idly wishing I had something to do.

My latest blanket I made for my friend's new baby girl.

I’m into crocheting. I mostly make blankets for friends and now their babies. I love being able to get creative with a pattern and give someone something they won’t find anywhere else. Every time I make something new its my next favorite thing I’ve ever made. I think I may challenge myself and start delving into more complicated patterns. Really a blanket is just a big rectangle. I’ll pick complicated patterns that make then challenging but they’re not on the same level as say a mitten that requires the skill to make a compartment for a thumb. A big part of me feels like that could be tricky but an interesting challenge. The added bonus would be having mittens that fit my crazy long digits.

I’m also into taking pictures…not photography…picture taking. I have a small Canon point and shoot. If I am going to call my hobby photography I would need some slightly more sophisticated equipment. I’ve been thinking of shifting this hobby to be more actual photography. I like to think I can take some pretty nice pictures. I love to play with the micro setting and get some super close ups. My parents think weekend patiently waited while I took extreme close ups at Longwood Gardens this weekend of spider mums I became obsessed with.

Spider mum. My obsession for the day.

Trips to botanical gardens like this tend to push the inner artiste in me that wants to be a photographer with big fancy lenses and maybe a beret or an artsy hat (in my fantasy brain to be a full on artistic photographer I must be wearing an artsy type hat…I’m special). I go through the conservatory and gardens suffering from camera envy. My camera doesn’t make the distinct shutter sound that person’s does. Granted in a lot of cases its a digital noise their camera is creating and not an actual shutter but their’s sounds more authentic than mine. I don’t need two hands to line up my picture. I can do all I need with my little point and shoot all with one hand. There are probably perks to this but they don’t matter when I’m in full camera envy mode.

After this weekend I thought maybe I could use some of my upcoming free time and start looking into photography. There is a fear I have by starting on that path however. My brother-in-law in the past few years has made photography a HUGE hobby. He has a mono-pod, tri-pod, mini-tripod, an SLR with all kinds of crazy settings and lenses and lord knows what else. He discusses things like light, F-stop, this camera bag vs. that one, this lens vs. that one. Why it’s best to have 3 cameras for any given trip so you don’t need to switch out lenses and can just change freely between cameras. I call it shutter bug madness. It’s expensive and quite honestly after a little while some of that equipment has to start getting heavy. I don’t think I want to go all the way down that path; also I can’t afford all that stuff.

I do think I’m ready for a better camera. One that needs it’s own bag and doesn’t fit in my purse. One that may not be the envy of the chick in the beret with the fancy SLR but will turn the head of the person with the palm sized point and shoot that makes a face sounding shutter noise. I don’t want a better camera for shallow reasons (allow this post does give that impression doesn’t it). As much as much as I fear all the crazy equipment my brother-in-law carts around with him, he gets some fantastic pictures. He actually sells a couple random

One of my favorite water lily shots. If I had one of those fancy cameras I think it'd be amazing.

ones for real money (Craziness). My sister has taken to gathering his fantastic pictures from their vacations and creating books that are printed up and bound like a normal book. I flip through wishing my pictures looked this good realizing the only reason they don’t is the equipment I use.

Therefore, I think it’s time to look into a digital camera that requires two hands so my good pictures  can really start to shine like his. I’ll just have to trust in my own will power to avoid all out shutter bug madness.  And if I find that I’ve descended into all out madness well at least I know how to crochet and can make myself an artsy hat to wear.


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