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Black Friday has Arrived

on November 26, 2010
Black Friday (1940 film)

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So, did you wake up early this morning and hit the stores? Were you at Sears at 7am? How about Target or Macy’s at 4am? Kohl‘s at 3am? If not, then you obviously aren’t in the holiday spirit! What kind of Scrooge are you?

Personally, I avoid the malls from this point on.  The over-commercialization of what should be a wonderful holiday just make me cranky.  I do the majority of my in-store Christmas shopping in November and then have a fairly strict no mall policy from this point on. I end up doing the majority of my shopping in December online. It makes sense – most of my gifts go across country at this point, so I can have things shipped directly to them, saving me a trip to the post office later on this month.

I didn’t always used to feel this way. My family would get up and be there when the store opened (back when opening at 8am was really early!) I remember one year in particular when my dad was recovering from hip surgery. We took advantage of his disabled parking permit, wheeled him around the mall in his wheelchair, and piled our packages on him as we purchased our gifts! It was really kind of fun.

I think it was the Christmas in 2000 that I discovered the beauty of shopping on the Internet! I was hooked. What did I ever do before Amazon.com? It is by far my favorite shopping site. I can get books, music, and movies, sure, but I also get my dog supplies there, dishes for my household, and variety of other things. It’s amazing. And, with free shipping over $25, there’s no reason not to use them!

So as we descend into the shopping frenzy that is December, I avoid the malls, mute the commercials on TV, and try to find gifts for my family and friends that truly show how I feel about them. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


One response to “Black Friday has Arrived

  1. Schelley says:

    I do not celebrate Christmas (Xmess, as I refer to it most of the time) due to my religious beliefs. However, I love the spirit that comes with the season regardless of what holiday people celebrate.

    I never did the Black Friday thing as a child and certainly did not do it as a young woman or adult. I decided to venture out last night for the first time in my 31 years on a Thanksgiving night to see what the hub-bub was all about. Oh my, how crazy it can be. I went from store to store to see the ginormous lines, absolutely bonkers checkout lines, and frustrated parents (especially when looking for a parking spot!).

    Since I was out, I did partake in shopping, but didn’t buy the TVs, laptops, and such that everyone else was racing to. Instead I bought a Pillow Pet for a coworker, tried to get the last Thomas the Tank toy another coworker was looking for, got my boyfriend a Keurig k-cup holder in bamboo to match his kitchen, and even picked up two PSU Xmess decorations for yet another coworker because of how much she adores the school.

    I can’t imagine giving my whole night for the hope that I’d get the one laptop that my child HAD to have and failing. Especially if that child had asked Santa for that more than any other item.

    I think the online shopping also allows parents to keep the spirit of Santa alive a bit longer since they don’t see their parents going out to buy presents for cousins, for example.

    I digress… though I had never done it before, I did find last night/this morning to be a lot of fun. HOWEVER, since I hadn’t been looking for anything in particular, it wasn’t stressful to me like it would be to others out and about that night. I guess I can cross that off of my bucket list and sleep Thanksgiving night from this year forward. *smirks*

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