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Gobble Gobble

on December 1, 2010

*So, it appears as though I’m a slacker today. But I have an excuse!  I was up late, the dog ate my computer, I had work to do, I was on the phone, there was an emergency, ….eh, screw it.  I forgot.   Sorry.  This has been a kind of rough week for me, busy with family over Thanksgiving, busy with gift buying preparations and busy at work, so I haven’t been my most on-the-ball self.*

But, I did want to talk about Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving!  For me, it’s the best holiday, bar none.  It’s completely apolitical, atheological, and it’s all about food.  This year, Thanksgiving in our house was just our family and my grandfather and my uncle and his family.  At ten, it sounds like a lot of people.  But for us, it’s only scratching the surface of a large extended family.  We are all loud and pushy, so it seemed like a bigger crowd than it was.

In past years I’ve been to an orphan Thanksgiving with friends.  For a few years, my parents would travel on T-day weekend, leaving me with their three dogs.  Fortunately, my friend and her sister invited me to their house, with their friends for a turkey feast and a big party.  One year, while I was in college, I went to San Diego to volunteer at a soup kitchen with my grandmother and uncle and aunt.  That was a great day and really reminded me, not only of how fortunate I am, but of how good it feels to do something for others during the holidays.

My point is that it has never mattered where I was for the holiday, sitting down to dinner with my parents and sister, or battling my best friend for the last turkey leg, or showing a family of four to their seats in the soup kitchen banquet hall, it only mattered how it made me feel:  (not to sound trite here) thankful.

Thanksgiving is a great American holiday.  It’s one day that is constrained by only the traditions that we build around it.  It has no purpose other than to allow us time to take a moment, look around and within ourselves and be happy for who and what we have in our lives.  And then reach for a second helping of mashed potatoes.


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