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Pass the Present

on December 22, 2010

My family has a lot of Christmas traditions.  But, if I had to select one, I’d have to tell you about something my father’s been doing for as long as I can remember.  No matter what else happens, and what other traditions bend and change from year to year, one thing has remained constant.

Christmas morning, picture it:

My sister and I wrapped in our duvets, usually with a dog or two sitting with us on the couch.  Staring intently at the tree, lit up, gorgeous and buried with presents.  Now, my father begins his tradition. It starts with the explanation, which we can all recite by heart.

“We will do gifts one at a time. I’ll hand them out and then everyone can watch everyone else open all of their presents.”

As he passes out presents, in order at first, then, by the end of the morning, just whichever one he grabs.  He follows our instructions: “Give mom that one!” “Natalie needs this one next!” and reads each tag aloud then we all watch with rapt attention as the recipient opens his or her present, makes their oohs and ahhs and thanks.  Then, we start the cycle again.

By the end of the morning, several hours later, we’re surrounded by gifts, and crumpled and torn paper and boxes.  For all the reasons Christmas can be stressful and nerve-wracking, the morning of, with my family, makes up for all of it.

Merry Christmas!


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