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The (literal) view from here

on January 12, 2011

New England has been put on notice for the last several days: 

A BIG ONE is coming!  Prepare yourselves!  Buy lots of bottled water and toilet paper!  You might not leave your house for days!

It’s the same every year. The first big Nor’easter of every season sends our meteorologists and the public into a tizzy.  “How will we make it through?” “What can we do?”  Well, pretty much the same things you did last year when this exact same thing happened.  You’ll hunker down, then you’ll get your shovel and dig yourself out. 

Today, I’ll be working from home.  Getting into work would probably take hours and we’re right in the middle of the heaviest bands of snow.  So, before I’m sick and tired of it (which will be approximately one snowstorm from now) I thought I’d post some pictures of the beautiful white landscape. 

From inside my window

Venturing outside

Roxy in the snow

Gratuitous puppy-in-the-snow photo

frosty face


I hope, where ever you are, you’re warm and cozy.  This is how I’ll be spending my day:


One response to “The (literal) view from here

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