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Protect Your Four-legged Family

on January 14, 2011

I had a very upsetting incident yesterday evening.  I was about to go to bed when I saw that I had an email on my phone. I decided to check it before turning out my light.  It was a lost dog alert from HomeAgain – a company that microchips dogs and then helps locate them if lost. I signed up to get the lost dog alerts in the hope that I could help someone find the member of their family that wondered off.

Max, the dog upstairs

Well, I opened the email and realized that the alert was really near me – just around the corner. It took a moment for the picture to load, but when it did, I realized that it was the dog that lived on the third floor of my building! I knew Max! He was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Super friendly and likely to kiss you to death. The biggest problem, though, was that Max is a pitbull. I was afraid of what would happen if someone found poor Max wondering about.

Good news, though – I came home today and saw Max’s family walking him outside. I was so relieved to see him padding along after his dad. I don’t know if his microchip or the lost dog alert helped with it, but they very well may have.

Riley, my moms dog

Both my dog and my mom’s dogs are microchipped, and I strongly believe that all dogs should be.  Collars are great, but they come off and get lost.  This little chip, no bigger than a grain of rice, is implanted under their skin between their shoulder blades.  Our boys had it done when they were neutered and already unconscious, but there is no need to knock the dog out to do this. It’s not any more invasive than their rabies shots.  Any vet, any shelter, any animal control agency these days has a scanner than can read the information on the chip – usually the owners name and contact information.  It truly could save your dog’s life.

My boy Toby

It’s not expensive – it cost only about $30 when I had Toby done two years ago.  The additional services from HomeAgain are completely optional, but still only $18 a year.  Besides having peace of mind that your dog has a much higher chance of getting back to you, many local municipalities offer a discount on licensing fees. I saved about $10 on Toby’s license last year, so in only 3 years, I’ll have made up the difference!

For your dog’s sake, as well as your own, microchip your dog so if he/she is missing, you have a much better chance of seeing your best friend again.


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