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An “Odd” Favorite

on January 21, 2011

I might have had to think about this week’s topic for 30 seconds before picking my favorite book, but I doubt it. I read a lot, but out of all the books I’ve read, the one that outshines all the others is Oddkins: A Fable for all Ages by Dean Koontz. Yes. THAT Dean Koontz – the author of suspense/thriller/horror books. What, might you ask, was a small child doing reading Dean Koontz? Well, my literary friend, Dean Koontz wrote a children’s book.

The story, briefly, is about a toymaker who has made some unusual toys. They come to life. Unfortunately, the toymaker knows his life is coming to an end and he wants to make sure his toys get to another toymaker who will accept them and take care of them. The toymaker dies and the toys embark on a journey across town to get to the new toymaker. Evil toys living in the basement soon come to life after the toymaker’s passing and chase the good toys, trying to destroy them so they can spread their own brand of evil to children.

Part of what makes this book so special is the illustrations by Phil Parks. I remember how sometimes I used to flip through the book just to look at the illustrations.

I think the reason this book stood out from all the others as my favorite has to do with the experience I had reading it. When I was in second grade, my elementary school had the “Be Excited About Reading” or “BEAR” campaign to promote literacy. I don’t remember the exact details, but I think one of the aims was to make reading a family event. My mother purchased Oddkins and brought it home to read with my sister and me. I remember every night after dinner we would sit on the couch together and read our book. The book is pretty large and my sister and I were fairly small so I think we were able to spread it across all three of our laps. We took turns reading, chapter by chapter, every night. Maybe it’s that more than the book itself that I remember so fondly.

I learned that the book is sadly out of print now. It’s terribly unfortunate because I was planning on buying it for my friends’ kids so they could read it to their child. I guess my copy is going to have to get used to doing some traveling.


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