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Ready or Not. Here I Go.

on January 27, 2011

We’ll jump right into it. I GOT A JOB!! I accepted a position of Inventory Manager at a wholesale nursery up in Connecticut a little over a week ago. The way it happened is still so crazy. I randomly met the owner at a trade show while discussing my unemployment with a mutual acquaintance. It really is crazy the way things work out.

I was able to squeeze in the interview a week or so ago before the last blizzard hit up there. I think I posted about it a couple weeks ago (Yeah I did). The day after I wrote that post they e-mailed me an offer. My salary is what I was asking and they’re throwing in a little bit to help with my move. That last bit sent me over the moon. They also understood I need time to relocate so we agreed to set a start date once I figured out when I was moving. We discussed what accessories they might get for me so I could do my job as efficiently as possible. I really felt like I’d found my way to the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

I did some minor apartment hunting before I headed back home for my mom’s retirement party (Yes in the middle of all this my mom retired from the place she’s worked for 31 years. More on that some other week). There was little success on our mini apartment hunt. Most places saying, “It’s weird. Normally we have a bunch of 1 bedroom apartments available but nothing’s open for months.” Of course, that’s because it’s me. I know good positive attitude.

I tried to make it up last week for more hunting but mother nature decided Connecticut need to play with big ice storms for a couple days. I searched what I could from home and found a window of clear weather to go up for an apartment hunting trip. I wasn’t too excited about my options until I stumbled on a random site that featured places for sale and rent. I found a 1 bedroom apartment in a nice area that seemed nice in the pictures that could be a good option. I ended up having just two places to look at when I made my way north.

The first place I went to had multiple one bedrooms to look at. The first smelled funny. Maybe like dirty kitty littter? I couldn’t place it but my chest was tight for a solid five minutes after leaving. The second apartment was ok. Not overly exciting. I thought maybe I can sign a short lease and try again in the summer when the weather is more cooperative.

Then I went to the random apartment I’d stumbled on online. I had made the appointment to see it that morning. It was cute. Out away from the hustle and bustle. The apartment is the converted second floor of an old house from the 1830’s there’s character and plenty of space. The storage space is limited but there is plenty of room for supplementary storage. It felt right and didn’t smell like old kitty litter. My mom, who went with me (her first post retirement activity), declared it perfect for me.

I move in a little over two weeks. It seems so surreal. I’m nervous one minute and excited the next. I’ll start my job in under a month and be on my way down my new path. Now I just need to pack. I’ve got bubble wrap and boxes. I’m all set.


2 responses to “Ready or Not. Here I Go.

  1. Schelley says:

    Love that this path found you so easily. Congrats!

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