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Ski for Free?

on January 28, 2011
Skier carving a turn off piste

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Back in December, I received an email on my work account about the Snow Sports program offered through the school. It turns out that an outside company sponsors six weekly trips to Snoqualmie Pass and provides skiing or snowboard lessons.  The email that I saw was inviting staff members to accompany the students on the bus and monitor their behavior in return for a free lift ticket.

So, take a step back a moment. I first learned to ski at Steven’s Pass when I was 15. That summer, I moved to Pennsylvania and was dismayed to discover that what the Central Pennsylvanians called mountains were little more than the hill I lived on in Washington. So, skiing didn’t happen for another 10 years.  Up to this point I had been skiing a total of four times – twice in WA, once in PA, and once in upstate NY. I wanted to go more often, but I didn’t have anyone to go with, plus the road up to Steven’s wigs me out (really steep cliffs, two lane windy road).

I debated about going with the Snow Sports trip. Would I make a total fool of myself? Probably. Wat it worth it? Also probably.  I agreed to chaperon the trips and could hardly wait.

Our first trip was three weeks ago.  I quickly learned that in the hands of a middle schooler, skis are dangerous weapons.  They have no concept of where their skis are. They throw them over their shoulder and turn left and right while all the people around them are ducking like some Three Stooges routine.  There was a teacher with us who had never been skiing before. She and I stuck together and became “ski buddies.”  The next week was canceled because of rain and avalanche danger. Last week, I skied solo because my buddy’s parents were in town and she couldn’t go. I actually enjoyed going on my own. I got to bypass the long lines and go in the single lines. I’m not shy, so I didn’t mind sharing a ski lift with a complete stranger.  I popped my iPod in my ear (just one – I hate not hearing what’s going on around me) and got a good six runs in.

So, today is week three.  The weather is iffy – warm during the day, dropping fast at night, possibility of rain.  It’ll still be fun, though.  My buddy can’t make it again, so I’ll be going alone.  I don’t mind though – I’m still getting a chance to go skiing for almost nothing!


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