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My Life in Boxes

on February 3, 2011

I’m hoping I’ll have a good work life balance. I haven’t started my new job yet but I’m feeling pretty good after the interview. The owners seem to understand that you work hard when work needs to be done and take time for yourself when needed. For the first time in 3 years I won’t be required to work almost every weekend in the Spring. Just one or two if there is work to catch up on. I’ll come back to this post topic once I’m into the swing of my new job. This week I’d like to go back to the moving topic more specifically the packing aspect.

Before I started packing I swore I didn’t have a lot of stuff. Some things here and there but not much. That perspective changes as things are put in boxes and put together in a corner in the garage. A large amount of my “stuff” has been sitting in storage since I moved out of my apartment almost 4 years ago. So I had quite a few surprises while going through boxes.

I am a sentimental person. I have many things that have sentimental value to me. I discovered going through boxes that some items have permanent sentimental value and some have an expiration date. There was more than one box that I opened and simply went “Why in the world did I ever keep this.” I’m sure there was a great sentimental reason to keep an item 4 years ago but in growing up and experiencing new things over the past few years the sentimentality seems to have transitioned. Other things are heirlooms to me. Their sentimentality will never expire.

I’ve found watching Clean House on the Style network also helps. They show what can happen when everything has sentimental value and it really makes you look at what you have. Every time I watch an episode I have an overwhelming desire to go through my clothes and other things and get rid of my excess. I’ve filled well over 7 boxes to go to goodwill. When I was younger I’d accept any household hand me down family members wanted to give me. Going through boxes I was surprised to see how much cookware I had. I’ve also come to terms with my mug addiction. I had well over 33 mugs. I had more mugs than years I’ve been on the planet. I can now acknowledge that’s excessive. I’ve filled 4 large trash bags with clothes to go to goodwill and I’m not done yet.

I’ve nearly finished my packing and soon all my belongings will be in the corner of the garage. The whole grueling experience of going through all my stuff has been very cathartic. It’s true what they say. You do feel lighter after getting rid of a lot of this excess. I have one week to get the last of it packed away and ready to go. It’s been a strange sort of feeling. I will miss some of my old life here in Pennsylvania but I’m starting to get excited about the new adventure I’m starting in Connecticut.

Next week.  Pondering my last 2 days before the big move north.


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