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I’m Moving Out…A Musical Interlude

on February 10, 2011

So realistically, I should’ve asked one of the other ladies on this blog to cover me today. I’m moving in two days and still have a ton of packing to do. Well it feels like I have a ton left but I can probably finish everything in a few hours. I’m just uber stressed about getting everything done. I’ve had to keep the TV on at night to fall asleep. If I don’t my head starts racing and reaches ridiculous heights of anxiety. I’ve kept myself up worry about fitting everything in the truck and trailer. Even though I can easily come back in a couple weeks for whatever doesn’t fit. I’ve even spent an hour fretting about how my dad will get out of the private drive my apartment is on with the trailer. Even thought the trailer is half the size of his big honking RV that they haul around. Honestly, ridiculous worries that I try to stifle but apparently in that silence before you go to sleep my brain decides to show me just how horribly paranoid it can be. I’m a slightly paranoid person already. I’ve been working on it since college but it’s been rearing it’s ugly head in the worst way the past week. Thankfully, I have good friends to talk me back from my goofiness and confirm that my initial thoughts that things will be ok is the correct assessment. See this stream of consciousness? This is what tends to happen when I try to go to sleep for about 3 solid hours.

Back to the primary topic.  I have a musically minded brain. Through school I was horribly bad at regurgitating random facts back to people. Label all the parts of a plant cell? I can’t remember. Crappy jingles from the 80s and 90s? Those are popping in my head all the time. So I thought I’d share a couple of the songs that have been running through my head the past few weeks.

First selection: “Ikea” by Jonathan Coulton. I’ve grown up buying Ikea furniture and love going there munching on swedish meatballs and hydrating with lingonberry juice. I’m very excited to finally do some serious Ikea shopping and this song goes through my head every time I start.

Seriously love this song. Random fun fact: I found 11 Ikea allen wrenches while packing.

Another song going through my head is “Moving Out (Anthony’s Song)” by Billy Joel. Actually just the one line from the chorus. “Mmhmm I’m moving out. Ooo whoo.” The rest of the song is actually not at all related to my situation but here it is anyway.

So I’ve been traveling back and forth from my new stomping grounds in Connecticut a lot recently. This has resulted in a lot of time in my car cycling through the CDs in my stereo. I could’ve changed out a couple disks but I’m still enjoying the music and  every song that comes on feels like it applies to my situation. It seems a lot of  people sing about big changes and self reflection.

One of the songs that really rings true is “Uncharted” by Sara Bareilles. I’ve picked this particular clip because Sara sums up in one sentence why it’s hit so close to home. Warning there is a curse word but it’s apt.

And finally here is a light fun song  to make you smile. This song pops in my head constantly. Mainly because I pass diners all the time. I love diners and someone went and wrote a catchy song about them. For your listening pleasure “Diner” by Martin Sexton. Choreography courtesy of the cast of Scrubs. The show is where I first heard the song and the cast demonstrates wonderfully what one should do when they hear it or when they know they’re about to go to a nummy diner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the song selections and I’ve now spent way more time on this than I should. Back to packing. Wish me luck with my move this weekend. I’ll be relieved when its done.


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