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Not gonna ‘splain myself

on March 2, 2011

After pre-school, I had lunch on my cookie monster tray and watched I Love Lucy re-runs with mom.  It wasn’t what every other little girl in my neighborhood was watching, but it’s a clear memory.  I would munch my noodles or peanut butter sandwich (NO JELLY!) and that big black and white heart would herald the beginnings of another episode.

from sitcomsonline.com

Later, my sister ended up loving Lucy a whole lot more than I did, but I still have a special place in my heart for that show and its zany star.

Another show from that time that few people remember, but I have a lingering fondness for was Fraggle Rock.  It was a Jim Henson project about small, radish-eating, singing, dancing creatures and their relationships to both reality (outer space) and fantasy (the Kingdom of the Gorgs).  Later, they made a Saturday morning cartoon out of the Fraggles’ adventures, but the original was a long-time favorite.

from bopmyspace.com

Like all things Jim Henson’s company does, it was excellent.  (I’m including in that calculation the almost-completely unknown The Ghost of Fafner Hall.  Seriously, only my sister and I seem to remember this show.)

Finally, in looking back, a show I wish I had paid closer attention to was Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  Mister Rogers had a philosophy of connecting with and educating children based on love, kindness and peace.  You can read some really touching things about the man here and here. These are the kinds of heroes and role models children need, the kind that promote acceptance, that give of themselves and that want people to live up to their potential for kindness.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be my neighbor?


One response to “Not gonna ‘splain myself

  1. […] on the last day of the week sometimes has its downsides.  I, too, am a lover of the Smurfs and Fraggle Rock.  I was sitting at my sister’s side as she watched She-Ra. The Cosby Show was one of the […]

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