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The Little Folks That are 3 Apples Tall

on March 3, 2011

This was not an easy decision for me. All my life I’ve watched too much TV. I admit it. I’ve battled my TV addiction all through my adult life. When I was young I had my Saturday morning line up all set. Fortunately many times my mother would come inside and declare it is far too nice a day to be cooped up inside. To this day, I feel guilty if the sun is shining and I’m “cooped up inside.” This isn’t always such a good thing when I have indoor chores to finish and the bright sun is calling me out.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. If you didn’t figure it out from the title one of my favorite cartoons from childhood was The Smurfs. They had such fun adventures in the forests trying to stay out of Gargamel’s clutches. Always helping people in need that they happened upon in their travels. All the while everything was Smurfy, or smurftastic. It seemed the word smurf could be replaced for anything.

I will admit I was always a little disappointed that Smurfette was the only female in the village of the toadstool houses (another thing I thought was so cool). I also didn’t appreciate that she fairly often seemed to be somewhat helpless, unless it came to prettying herself, but there would be other female characters that would pop in here and there. Besides how could you not love Papa Smurf? He always knew just what to do and just the right things to say. Like any other cartoon there was a plethora of Smurf merchandise. the pride of my collection was my Smurf sheet set. The pictures told a fun little story and I just thought they were the coolest thing on the planet. Crazy comfortable too. I had some little plastic Smurf toys and a little stuffed Smurf doll.

The Smurf was just one of my many favorites from my childhood. Thinking back I really feel like cartoon today just don’t compare. In all fairness I’m never in a situation where I am watching cartoon from today but the random times I’ve happened upon them I’ve been disappointed. As you may have seen they are coming out with a new Smurf movie. I am very fearful this will ruin my memories of my dear Smurfs. Thank goodness for YouTube.


One response to “The Little Folks That are 3 Apples Tall

  1. […] so going on the last day of the week sometimes has its downsides.  I, too, am a lover of the Smurfs and Fraggle Rock.  I was sitting at my sister’s side as she watched She-Ra. The Cosby Show […]

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