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Whatever Happened to Theme Songs?

on March 10, 2011

Something struck me while compiling last week’s post on our favorite childhood television. While looking for a YouTube link to the Smurfs I got lost in listening to themes from my other favorite cartoons and I got slightly forlorn. They just don’t make theme songs like they used to. Even the sitcoms of the 80s had fun catchy theme songs (I’ll get in to those some other week….maybe not). I have MP3’s of many of my favorites. I remember the theme song would come on before my favorite cartoons and I would get actually excited to see what the episode had to offer. Some of these songs I can sing to this day. Other’s there are snippets that linger in my brain. I decided last week that this free week would be dedicated to showing my appreciation for these theme songs. Oddly enough, Many of my favorite themes are from the great Disney cartoons that came out in the late 80s and 90s. I truly think it was a golden era of Disney Television Animation.

First up is the song that ran through my head while doing dishes last week while I tried to think of which show to write about.”Ddddanger lurks behind you. There’s a stranger out to find you! What to do just grab on to some DuckTales! Woohoo!”

The next one I randomly find myself singing. In the car, wandering around the house, when I go hiking. Eating one of my favorite candy treats.

How awesome is that french horn?! (I think it’s a french horn.) I always imagined that Gummi Berry Juice tasted like Ikea’s Lingonberry juice. No idea why, it’s just what my child brain decided.

Shortly after Ducktales,  Disney released a couple other weekday afternoon cartoons with awesome theme songs that continue to pop up in my brain. “Spin It! Let’s begin it.”

“These two. Gum Shoes. Are picking up the slack!”

It wasn’t just the Disney cartoons that had great themes. The Muppets and Muppet babies themes still lives in my MP3 list. Samantha played them for you last week. Warner Brothers got in on the act and have their own theme ingrained in my brain. “In this cartooney they’re invading your TV.”

Thankfully, Tiny Toons was so successful Warner Brothers released another afternoon cartoon show that was just fantastic. I am proud to admit I have three of the music cds they released from the show.

To this day, I love Wakko’s song of the state’s and all their capitols. I can never remember all the words. “Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus is the capitol of Ohio.” That’s all I can remember….not so impressive.

Ah well. I hope you’ve enjoyed reminiscing with me and now some of these songs are trapped in your head like they have been in mine all week. They just don’t make them like this anymore. Granted, I don’t watch the cartoons they make now so maybe they do have catchy, fun-to-sing themes like we were blessed with back in the 80s but I highly doubt it.

PS- This is how Wakko’s state song should go after the Indianapolis bit. I never remember that Alabama comes next.

“Oh I’m soo sorry. You failed to put your response in the form of a question.'” HA! Man I loved that show. Where’s my ipod? I’ve got more reminiscing to do.


2 responses to “Whatever Happened to Theme Songs?

  1. Samantha says:

    Great. Now I have the Animaniacs capital song stuck in my head. My favorite line was always, “Oklahoma has its city.”

  2. Isabel says:

    This made me smile and I needed that today. Thank you!

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