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on March 11, 2011
Frosted Banana Nut Cupcakes

Image by clkohan via Flickr

I want to use this space for something a little different this week.  I have recently become aware of Kickstarter – a forum which helps people raise money for various creative products.  I became aware of this because I have two friends who are raising money for two vastly different projects.

The first project is from a college friend of mine.  He wrote a script for a movie and they want to film it this fall.  From his Kickstarter Campaign Page:

Here’s the skinny. Scrappy Cat Productions (managed by J.T. Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts) are teaming up with Director Charles Haine to make Angel’s Perch, an independent feature film. But we need your help!

The basics: Angel’s Perch is slated to begin shooting in Cass, WV in the late summer of 2011. The funding earned through Kickstarter will be used to begin principal photography and secure additional capital prior to shooting. The more support we’re able to raise on Kickstarter, the closer we get to fully funding the film and shooting on schedule. If we reach our financial goal of $25,000 we will have real momentum and a proven crowd of angels, which is essential for making an indie film succeed. Your contribution and interest is critical to get this train going! And we promise it’s going to be a great ride. Any amount of support over $5 gets you behind-the-scenes access, and we’re going to share images, thoughts, videos, and questions as we go. (But we won’t ruin the ending for you. Promise).

I have to say, I love this idea – getting a bunch of people each to pitch in a bit to help the greater whole is fantastic. This group promises those that help out a peek behind the scnes and regular updates on the project so everyone who donates can be a part of the whole process.

The other, equally worthy cause is from another friend of mine. Louisa started a bakery and creamery that specializes in gluten-free and vegan items. Last year, she did the farmer’s markets and worked out of a friend’s commercial kitchen. This year, she bought a trailer and she’s raising money to retrofit it to be her own mobile connection. This will allow her to be more independent and vastly more mobile.  Her Kickstarter Campaign Page says she’s over 40% of the way to her $6500 goal with 20 days left!

I’ve personally donated to each of these groups as I feel that they are both very worthy causes.  Time is starting to run out on both of these projects and they need the help – please consider giving to one or both of them.


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