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Snuggling Back into My Rut

on March 24, 2011

Sorry I’m so late getting this posted everyone. I attempted to get this blog written last night and was finding it a bit difficult. I finally got to the gym last night for the first time in a long time. You see I’m trying to get my weekly routine in order and neglected to reserve some time/energy last night for blog writing.

I’m a creature of habit. I enjoy having a routine. Not just what I do in the morning but what I do each day. I’ve felt very unsettled the past month. The half empty bottle of Tums will vouch for me. Then this weekend I calmed down. I realized yesterday it was because I haven’t been able to settle into any sort of a weekday routine and now that I’m unpacked I can.

Ever since I moved in there have been errands to run after work. Things that needed unpacking when I get home. car registrations to deal with. My furniture wasn’t even settled into a zen happy state for me until late last week. Toward the end of the week I suddenly realized just about everything was done. I only had my pictures to hang, which may take another month but they’re not interfering with my Feng Shui like the disorderly chairs were.

So this week I can finally figure out my weekly rut. My post work schedule for each night that calms my brain. I’m figuring out which nights to get to the gym. How to work in random errands and get chores done around the house. Even with my work hours getting longer and longer thanks to Spring I’m at least at ease when I come home.

Many of my friends have mocked me for my joy of routines or get agitated when they realized they were trapped in them. A few years ago my friends and I would go shoot pool every Friday night. In my mind it was a given. I enjoyed it and it was nice to get out of the house. I then found out they weren’t so keen to be doing this every week. They’d complain it was the same thing every week we never do anything different.They’d say we were stuck in a rut just shooting pool maybe going to a diner after if we were hungry. My inner voice would get a little pouty, “I like my rut, it’s cozy here.” They were right in some ways. It is fun to do different things. Variety is the spice of life and such. It’s not that I’m not a fan of doing different things but at the end of the work week when I’m worn out I like my comfortable routine.

I feel like now I’ve grown to place where I can balance my desire to snuggle in my rut/routine but keep variety present. During the week I’ll travel in my rut. Gym one night, groceries the next, gym again, relax. Something like that. I’m still working it out. Then on the weekends plan different fun things to do with folks or even on my own. The weekend can be the variation that is the paprika of my life. I think its a good balance that’ll relax my brain and put my stomach at ease.

So next week I’ll tweak my routine even more and this time I’ll leave time for the blog writing.


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