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The Magic’s in the Music

on April 14, 2011

If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts. I love music. I have always loved music. I truly believe I have a musically oriented brain. I remember lyrics from songs throughout my entire life but facts I had to remember for exams in school never stuck. I always work better when I have music. I have discovered that if I’m stuck working in silence I move at 3/4 speed. When it comes to cleaning if there is no music playing I tend to stall almost completely. I think I have my parents to thank for this. Saturday was cleaning day and the first step before cleaning was to load up the record player with albums and get the music playing through the house. Certain songs come up on my ipod or on the radio and I’m immediately transported back to my childhood and housekeeping Saturdays.

That’s one of the things I like the most about music. It has the ability to take you back to a time and a place in your life with just a few notes. Some songs take me back to my childhood, others back to college, others to a specific trip with friends. A lot of times, songs, more than pictures can trigger memories for me.  I love if I’m having a bad day and a song will come on to bring on a happy memory. It may not fix all the problems of the day but for a few minutes I have something that puts a little smile on my face. The first step to making a bad day better. Here are a couple songs that always take me back and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

A classic from cleaning Saturday by Neil Diamond off Tap Root Manuscript. 🙂

Pretty much any song from Barenaked Ladies Stunt album takes me back to freshman year of college.

Another thing I love is how some songs just make me smile. Not from happy memories, they are just fun songs. The best is when I discover them in the strangest of places. This first song I heard in the opening scene of Castle, one of the many crime dramas I watch. Granted it was when they were revealing the murder victim but I fell in love with the song instantly gruesome scene or not.

How can you not feel good after listening to that song?

Foot tapping good fun from Paul Simon. Always good for a smile 🙂

I could go on forever. I have so many songs I love that remind me of a point in my life, lift me up from the depths of dreariness, or just keep me moving when I have work to do. That’s what  makes music so fantastic. The right song can tap right into your gut.

One last thing I love about music. When an artist will use  different instruments to add layers to a song.  The discovery of  a fantastic cello part underneath a melody or horns added in to give the song that extra power is just so great.

I literally played this song 3 times in a row when I first heard it. All because of the cellos that come back in halfway through.

Oh! Or when an artist will go back and strip the song down so you’re left with just a guitar or piano and the singer’s voice.

It gives you a completely different perspective. That’s what is so great about music. You can take a song and turn it on its ear and it’s still wonderful.

Really, I just love music. Classical, Jazz, Musicals, Swing from the 40s, Doo Wop from the 50s & 60s, Rock, Bubbly Pop, Country, Alternative. As long as it has a good melody I can latch on to I’m hooked. If you don’t believe me, just ask my itunes library with over 19 days of music on it…and counting.


The week of April 25, Our View From Here will be holding its first virtual book club!  We will all be reading, and commenting on, the book Water for Elephantsby Sara Gruen.  Read along with us!

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