Our View From Here

Perspectives of Five Women

Spring has Pounced

on April 21, 2011

I have a unique view of Spring. It is a beautiful time of year. Spring bulbs and early flowering trees are blooming, birds are chirping, and me and others in my industry are working like crazy people. When you do 70% of all your business for the year in two to three months, hectic is putting it mildly. This year is a little worse than usual for me since I’m still getting in to the swing of my new job and properly honing my time management in it. As of tonight (Wednesday) I’ve worked 36 hours. Tonight being the worst.  To say I’m tired is putting it mildly. It reminds me of one my favorite Buffy Quotes from the finale of Season 3 – Graduation Day Part 2:

Giles: Are you all right?
Buffy:I’m tired.
Giles: I should imagine so. It’s been quite a couple of days.
Buffy: I haven’t processed everything yet. My brain isn’t really functioning on the higher levels. It’s pretty much: fire bad; tree pretty.
Giles: Understandable. Well, when it’s working again congratulate it on a good campaign. You did very well.

Buffy: Thank you. I will.
Giles: I ah- I managed to ferret this out of the wreckage. Now, it may not interest you, but- (reaches into his jacket and pulls out a high school diploma) I’d say you earned it. (looking around) There is a certain dramatic irony that’s attached to all this. A Synchronicity that borders on- on predestination, one might say.
Buffy: Fire bad; tree pretty.

Two more days to get through and I can relax for the weekend. Well clean, do laundry, and restock the groceries that I currently don’t have. So along the lines of “Fire bad; tree pretty” I can’t form thoughts much past “Tree pretty. Oh please get me to Friday afternoon.” Enjoy the rest of your week folks. I’ll leave you with one of the many songs that runs through my head this time of year.

Announcement: The week of April 25, Our View From Here will be holding its first virtual book club!  We will all be reading, and commenting on, the book Water for Elephantsby Sara Gruen.  Read along with us!- If in these crazy hours I’m working I can still fit in a relaxing book so can you!

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