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Perspectives of Five Women

Inspirational Nucleus

on May 10, 2011

No I did not forget that Tuesday is my day to post. I just had a really hard time thinking of one inspirational person. When I try to think of an inspiration person I try to think of someone who helped make me who I am. A person who I’ll look to when I need help getting through a tough day. In a sort of …What Would _____ Do? type of way.

By noon today I finally cried Uncle. I’ve been inspired by so many people through my life no one person stands out more than others. There is one group that stands out. My little nuclear family. My mother, father, and older sister.

My parents didn’t just talk about how I should treat people, approach work, and to generally being a good person. They demonstrated it every single day.  My mother was an operation room nurse who would regularly be on call. She’d work the hours needed to get the job done. My father would always remind me that I am being paid to be present at work. That classic concept of an honest day’s work for and honest day’s pay. To always treat people the way you want to be treated, etc, etc.

My sister inspired my life in her own special way. Growing up she may have been my tormentor. She showed me and inspired me to always be myself. She’s always been confident in who she is and all through the peer pressure of middle school and high school was herself. Once she went off to college she helped become a guiding force like my parents. Once thing I will never forget shortly after she went to college. She came home from break and told me. It gets so much better after high school. It may get rough but just get through the next few years. College is fantastic. This became my mantra through high school when I’d have a bad day.

I had the classic nuclear family. They all molded me and inspired me to be the person that I am today. Everyday I use what they’ve showed me to be a better person. Other people in my life have inspired me to do different things. The ones that had the biggest effect and I know I will always turn to will be my little nuclear family.


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