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Germ Factories

on May 18, 2011
kleenex anti-viral commuter freebie

I knew when I chose to go into education that I would be plagued with germs from every angle.  When I was tutoring in a 1st grade class back in grad school, I worked with a girl who gave me strep throat for the first time in nearly 20 years. During my first year of teaching, I got a double ear infection and sinus infection so bad that I was out for three days and lost 75% of my hearing in my right ear. (It eventually came back about 6 weeks later.)

Now it’s spring, and with the spring we’ve been having, the illnesses seem to be lingering.  I’m almost out of tissues in my room as several of my students make multiple trips to the box a day.  Now, I’m sick.  As I was leaving school Monday afternoon, I felt a tingle in the back of my throat and knew that I was in for a rough time of it.  Sure enough, by that evening, I was pretty miserable. I took some Ny-Quil and went to bed, which led me to having multiple very realistic dreams about calling in sick to work. When I woke up, I really had to concentrate and figure out if I had called in or not.  I went to school, though, not because I felt up to it, but because I didn’t feel up to making up sub plans. It was easier to struggle through the day than to figure out what to send in for my students.

I try to take care of myself – I eat fairly well, I exercise frequently, and I take vitamins, especially Vitamin C, nearly daily.  I feel a little better this morning, but the sore throat is lingering and my voice is a little hoarse.  But, I suppose I knew this was part of the risk of working in a school. Now, if the weather could just cooperate and stay a little warmer for a few days, we might have a chance of getting over these stupid colds.


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