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It Never Hurt To Dream…

on May 24, 2011

…it would help if I actually played the lottery.

I’ve imagined what I’d do if I won the lottery on many occasions. A big lottery, Enough so money isn’t a concern for awhile. I never play the lottery but this doesn’t stop me. I don’t care that you have to play to win.

If I did somehow magically win the lottery I have a vague idea what I’d do. Similar to Isabel I’d meet up with my financial and adviser and bring on a lawyer. I’d decide my ideal place where I’d want to live and by a reasonable house. I wouldn’t want a big fancy mansion but a nice house that’s a good size for me. I’d probably get myself a new car.

I’d make sure my family is all set. Take care of mortgages and other outstanding expenses to help my folks and my sister and brother-in-law. Then I’d take a look at how my money situation is and see what friends I could help out. I’m very aware that many of my close friends have huge student loan debt or other forms of debt. I don’t know that I could make it all go away but I’d love to put a big dent in it for them.

I’d make sizable donations to various groups. A few in particular would get larger shares than others. I know which ones those are. They change from year to year. I think I’d quit my job. Not because I wouldn’t work anymore but because I’d want to take time to travel. see a bunch of the places on my list. Maybe even take a full year. I’d still work but I think I might work part time and really think about what I want to do to fill my time and enjoy what I’m doing everyday. Ah to have the freedom to go to a job because you want to not because you have to. If it were a lot of money I might opt for no work and just volunteer and various places. Or work part time and volunteer other times. Not really sure on the work front. I’d figure it out when the time came.

Like I said the chances are minimal that I’d ever win the lottery since I don’t really play. Who knows. Maybe someday I’ll start. You never know what can happen.

To go with this week’s theme. Some old school Muppets. Enjoy!


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