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Sometimes Wanna Go…

on June 14, 2011

…where everybody knows your naaaame.

The past few weeks I’ve been suffering from some fairly bad homesickness. I missed having a lot of friends within reasonable driving distance. I missed knowing a plethora of restaurants where I was guaranteed a good meal. I missed understanding which frickin’ highways they’re talking about on the traffic report. I generally missed the familiarity of being in a place where everything was familiar. Its sort of funny that’s one of the reasons I wanted to leave.

I had already planned on going home for the weekend and decided to make it a 3-day visit. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. I was able to visit a couple old co-workers. Reminding me that I may not get to see them everyday anymore but that doesn’t mean I have to completely lose touch. I visited with friends. I went to a baseball game and watched my hometown team win. I went to Wawa.

I may not have gotten to see all of my friends but I was able to fit in some wonderful visits. It was great to talk to some of my nearest and dearest friends face to face while dining at some of my favorite restaurants that just aren’t anywhere else.

Even though I moved non stop for 3 straight days all weekend, I still felt refreshed when I got back to my apartment. Eventually things will feel familiar here. I’ll have a bunch of friends that I can go see. I’ll know what the heck they’re referring to on the traffic reports. I just need to remember I can always go home for a weekend when I need a recharge. The few hours it take are well worth the mental relaxation.

Random fun fact that only I may find interesting: One of the many exit signs they show in this video goes to my hometown.


One response to “Sometimes Wanna Go…

  1. I’m glad that you know that you can always come home, if you need it. Just like I know that I can see you if I need to get away. :o)

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