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How to not do anything

on June 15, 2011

Last week was insanely busy.  From Tuesday through Friday, I didn’t get home from work before 10:30 at night.  Friday I didn’t get home until nearly 2 am.  It was a lot of work, some nerves and a great deal of fun.  By Friday night, I didn’t really want it to end, and I wanted to stay at the hotel and do it all over again on Saturday…someone offered their extra bed.  But, I was completely exhausted.  Physically and mentally.  I was worn out. 

So, Saturday came.  And I did nothing.

Now, when I say I did nothing, I’m afraid that what you read is “I didn’t do very much.”  What I mean is, I did NOTHING. 

My mom was supposed to come over, so I did shower, and put pants on, but when she called at 10:30am and said she would come on Sunday, I put my pj’s right back on. 

I didn’t cook for myself, or even put together a bowl of cereal.  I ate cake.  That’s all.  I had leftover cake from Tuesday’s reception.

I didn’t even go into the hallway outside my apartment. I don’t think I even went down the hall to my front door at all.

I was so unmotivated to move that I watched the same movie three times.  Start to finish. In one day.  Why? I was too tired to look for the remote. 

I’ve been slowly recouperating since Sunday.  I can now interact with people in a somewhat normal way.  I can leave my apartment for stretches of time.  I cooked for myself last night.  I change channels again. 

I’m not sure what happened.  I’ve been tired before, but never have my mind and body been in concert and so adamantly against any form of activity.  I hope it doesn’t happen again.  But if it does, I hope a good movie is on.


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