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Drawn In by “The Help”

on June 21, 2011

Possible Spoiler Alert! We’ll see how the post progresses.

It happens with most books for me. They draw me in an result in sleepless nights reading all night or an entire day suddenly gone with no idea how that happened. This happened almost instantly when I read “The Help”. Kathryn Stockett immediately drew me in to the different characters in the book. Hoping that everything works out for certain women in the book. Hoping dearly that others get their proper come-uppence.

This book also served as an eye opener. Through school we are taught all about the civil rights movement but the characters give a great day-to-day perspective for how bad things really were. This may be fiction but so much of the book is drawn from reality. I had many moments where I was just disgusted at how the uppity white women would treat their African American housekeepers. It made you love even more the characters that didn’t show such extreme prejudice.

The individual stories with each of the ladies were just as intriguing as main plot that tied all the women together. This just helped to draw me in to the story more and more. Over all a hearty thumbs up. Just be sure you have a full afternoon to get wrapped up in a book.


2 responses to “Drawn In by “The Help”

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  2. tuesday2 says:

    Love the talk about “The Help”

    A perfect book club fit for summer reading!

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