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Murphy, I Shake my Fist at You…and Your Dumb Law!

on June 30, 2011

What a week. Let me start by explaining that the end goal is for Darren and I to get down to North Carolina to do our first real dive trip. Unfortunately, the powers that be seem to be trying to conspire against my achieving that goal.

To start with, since we’ve never dove from a boat, we thought it would be a good idea to go out on Sunday and get some experience so we would be a bit more prepared. Makes sense, right? I have a tendency to get seasick so I tried a different kind of anti-seasick medicine the dive shop recommended. They suggested I take one pill the night before and one pill the morning of. I was asleep within 20 minutes of taking the first pill (which is rare for me) and slept for 11 hours. Darren practically had to coax me out of bed with the promise of a cup of coffee. Once I took the second pill I was so doped up I felt like I had been drinking all morning. We got on the boat and to our dive location but I didn’t feel safe diving because I was so out of it. There goes our great plan for getting some experience. Well, I guess I got a different kind of experience, which was useful in its own right. On Monday I called the shop and the owner recommend I get to the doctor ASAP to get a prescription for an anti-seasick patch. By some miracle, I was able to get an appointment for the following morning, but it meant I had to miss about 2.5 hours of work.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big problem but I had a huge deadline at work this week, in addition to a lot of other projects that seemed to have been dumped on me. One of my clients was applying for a government grant and although I requested the application a week ago, I only received it on Monday afternoon for a Wednesday evening deadline. The log in process alone took me a few hours to get situated and then there were a few more hours of back and forth between myself and the client to get everything squared away. Fortunately, I was able to submit the grant application without any (major) problems by the deadline, but it was a very stressing situation. Now I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces on everything else that had to slide while I was getting that taken care of, and of course, none of these things are simple or straightforward. We’ve also had a few minor catastrophes and we’re short-staffed this week. It’s been fun.

On the home-front, I’m operating solo this week. A relative of Darren’s is ill and in the hospital in Upstate NY, so he’s been up there for a few days visiting and supporting the rest of the family. Of course I don’t begrudge him of this but when we were planning on getting ready for the trip together and all of a sudden it’s up to me to get everything ready, it throws previously made plans into a bit of a tailspin. If it was just the trip, it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but starting the day we get back we’ll be having various houseguests for the next 3 weeks, which means I have to get the house in guest-ready shape. And it’s been anything but guest-ready for the past several weeks. I know they probably wouldn’t care much walking into a bit of a mess but I do. And while I said I don’t begrudge Darren for being with family at this time, I think I can legitimately begrudge him for not doing laundry for the past 3 weeks, which means I’ve spent most of my nights doing laundry so he has something to wear in NC. Alas.

Add all this to a few other things I was hoping to take care of this week and I’m coming out to be one stressed chica. Of course one aspect of my life can’t be crazy while the others are calm. If work was lighter, I could take a lunch break and run out and take care of some of the errands I need to do when I get home, and taking time off to go to the doctor wouldn’t have been a big deal. No, no. Murphy had other plans. Stupid Murphy. Ah well. Everything will get done because there’s no option for them not to get done, and I’m sure it will all be worth it. Hopefully by next time this week I’ll be wistfully remembering my vacation of sharks and shipwrecks. I just have to get there first.

I’m stealing Christine’s tactic of adding an apropos music selection at the end of the post…..I forgot how weird this video was.


2 responses to “Murphy, I Shake my Fist at You…and Your Dumb Law!

  1. Valorie says:

    As your Dad always says, “Calm Down and Breath”. Works for him 🙂 Cya soon!

  2. Samantha says:

    I assure you, your house guests do not care about the state of your home. I will help you clean up while I’m there. Just worry about your trip and I’ll see you in a week!

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