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Dental Dealings

on July 12, 2011

So this Spring/Summer has turned into my age of dental mayhem. It all started with a cold sensitive molar a few months ago. This resulted in a root canal followed by a crown. Of course while getting the root canal we scheduled my cleaning so we could stay on track with my dental routine. We wouldn’t want me to miss a cleaning it might lead to having to get a root canal or cavities…

So they take x-rays at my cleaning and tell me they’ll go over the results when they finish up the crown. The dentist, who is a very nice man, wraps up my crown tells me it looks great and proceeded with examining teeth on the other side of my mouth. He, in a very nonchalant manner, tells me I have 3 cavities (2 on top one on the bottom…no biggie) that need to be taken care of.  To this I let out a little whimper. “Oh we can do it in one visit and get it out of the way.” It’s not that time that needs to be spent in the chair. It’s not even the unpleasantness of getting the cavities filled it’s the money but that’s what savings are for right? So I’ve come to terms with the cost. I want to keep my teeth so I’ll do what’s necessary to take care of them.

Today marked my final (fingers crossed) day of procedures. My epic 3 filling sitting. It wasn’t so bad. I brace myself when the Novocaine is going in and once all is numb I do my best to not bite my tongue and get to my happy place while the dentist does his thing. Today I had a moment where I was looking up at the dentist and his assistant looking into my wide open mouth and just thought. What makes someone decide that this is what that want to do everyday?

To spend day in and day out staring at and getting their hands in to other people’s mouths. Drilling out teeth. Poking at molars. Getting random whiffs of horrible breath. I attempted to brush but I’m sure there was lingering coffee breath. That’s a hazard of an 8am appointment. I suppose it happens with every career you see people and wonder how they get in to it. But this dental thing has always perplexed me. I think it during cleanings too. Especially with the hygienist I used to have when I was younger. She would make the most unpleasant faces like she was so disgusted by what she was doing. In my bratty teenage years part of me wanted to just ask her, “If this is so unpleasant for you go do something else.” As it was  I swear she made every effort to stab every single one of my gums with her little scraper. I’ve gone to other offices where everyone seems to absolutely love what they’re doing. I personally just don’t understand. Sure some people have beautiful teeth but so many others have really nasty teeth and you know that’s what you’d spend most of your time looking at. Other people’s nasty teeth. To each their own I suppose. In my case it’s good those people are out their so they can keep filling my cavities that I can’t seem to avoid to matter how much I brush.

As in most things in my life today’s situation reminded me of a song:

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the motivation for the dentist’s I’ve had in my life. But maybe that evil hygienist…


One response to “Dental Dealings

  1. Michelle - Christine's Sister says:

    I have the nicest dental team now. All the ladies know both Shane and I and like to talk about “The Big Bang Theory” with us, because it reminds them of us.

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