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Ahhhhhhh……annnnnd we’re back

on July 13, 2011

Vacations are delightful, aren’t they?  Particularly when you have no to-dos, no responsibilities, no wake-up calls.  Coming back from vacations is less awesome.

I was just away for a week, I went to TN, to our friends’ houseboat with my mom and my sister.  We have known these people since I was seven and my sister was five.  My mom worked at a preschool with two other women and they really hit it off. They happened to all have kids about the same age.  We all became friends, too.  So these TN trips are like a big family reunion.  During the weeks we’re floating in a TN lake, I have more mothers, fathers and siblings  than any other time of the year.  Remarkably, this isn’t a cause for irritation.  The people who own the boat have cultivated an atmosphere of extreme relaxation:  You want to float with a drink in your hand?  Sure!  You want to get drug around the lake behind the boat? Ok!  You want to lay on the deck and get sun?  Cool!  How about going to ride on the jetski?  That’s good too.

Which makes it all the harder to come back to the reality of expectations, schedules and work.  I’ve been feeling zombie-ish this week.  Getting my thoughts together is harder than usual (which could be because the weather has been hotter than usual) and my desire to move myself is pretty low.  My brain is still on vacation.

Never fear!  I’m going back on vacation next week.



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