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Puppy Love

on July 29, 2011

On Tuesday, I returned from a three week trip to the East Coast. While I had a blast, there was one thing that made me look forward to coming home – my little dog Toby. Fortunately, he was able to stay with my mom and his brother while I was gone, but he was still missing me and I was missing him.

Mom said that the first night I was gone, he sat by the front door waiting for me to get home and didn’t understand why I wasn’t there. He slept on her bed that night, which made his brother jealous. Riley kept positioning himself between Toby and Mom, making sure Toby knew whose bed it was.

Toby took to sitting on my bed and staring out the window. He’d rest his little chin on the windowsill and sit there for hours. He’d only bark if someone walked by with a dog or a small running child. He continued to sit at the door in the evenings, hoping I’d come through. The entire time I was gone, he was a bit down, not his usual perky self.

He continued to mope around the entire time I was gone. Mom would send me frequent pictures of him. It made me sad to know that my little guy was so upset.

On Tuesday, I came home midday. Usually, when I come home after being at work or the store, I walk in and both of the dogs have to sit and stay for about 10-15 seconds before I open the gate and greet them. I do this in part to calm them down and make it so they aren’t jumping on me and going crazy. Well, I knew that neither dog would have the control to do this when I walked in the other day, so I walked in, dropped my bags, and opened the gate so they could come to me. Both of them were super excited and jumped on me. Toby, in particular, was so excited that he scratched my arm and upper chest trying to get to me. When he gets really excited, his puppy kisses have just a touch of teeth in their. I was definitely getting little puppy nips. They both ran around, sniffing me and my bags, for at least 20 minutes. It was a great way to come home.

For the rest of the day, I had a shadow following me around the condo. Toby wouldn’t let me out of his sight, even when I went to the bathroom. That night, he was so excited that he got to sleep in my bed with me there. We both fell asleep and slept like rocks. It was like everything was finally right in the world again. If you ever want to feel loved, get a dog.


2 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. jessica shaw says:

    Toby is adorable! One of my favorite bumper stickers sums it up pretty well: “Lord help me be the person my dog thinks I am”

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