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Make New Friends but Keep the Old

on August 23, 2011

So I left work a little late today because I was chatting with a couple co-workers. The one had asked if I’d gotten a boyfriend up here yet. I know I’ve been in Connecticut for a full 6 months but it was inferred that after finding the apartment and where I was supposed to get my groceries I have to find a boyfriend.

He then mentioned finding friends. “It’s gotta be depressing just going back to your apartment and sitting alone all night. You need to go out and get a life.” Actually I didn’t feel like it was until he said something. I was told I need to make some friends so I have plans on weeknights and want to race home to go to said plans. This is a lovely theory except that its not how I operate. I love hanging out with friends and having plans, on the weekends. Every so often to go out and do something on a weeknight is fun but or the most part I don’t mind not having plans after work. I like to come home after an exhausting day and just decompress. It may make me boring but oh well. And I do have a life (To be honest that part stung a bit) it just tends to revolve around the weekend and is rarely local.

I would like to meet new people but to be honest I’m not sure where to start. All of my friends have come from school and a couple from work. I’ve never actually gone out to seek new friends. Its always been our paths passing from common activities, classes, or employers. Most of the people I work with aren’t my age or don’t speak English very well (and my Spanish is even worse) so I don’t foresee many lasting friendships happening there.

I’m at least doing better with exploring my new area. I’m trying to make it a point to try a new restaurant at least once a week. I go on random “explores” to see where things are after work. I know these are things I should’ve done when I first moved here but Spring in the horticulture industry isn’t conducive to that. It’s pretty much a work and sleep scenario for three months.

As for the friend thing, I know I need to try to meet people. I’ll  start looking in to ways to do that where I’m comfortable. Going to a bar and chatting with people just isn’t me. If I try to do that the only person I’m likely to talk to is the bartender when I order my drink.  Maybe a community theater, or a local hiking club, heck maybe even the PSU Alum Association in the area. I’ll see what I can find. For the time being my weekends have been comfortably full hanging with the friends I have scattered all over and I’m ok with that…for now.


One response to “Make New Friends but Keep the Old

  1. Samantha says:

    Not sure which is closer:

    Connecticut Valley Chapter
    Greg Malone ’95
    22 Clover Drive
    South Windsor, CT 06074

    Southern Connecticut Chapter
    Joanna Lehnert ’06

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