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50 reasons to be happy

on August 24, 2011

I’m in contentment limbo right now. Totally self-explanatory right?  No?  Ok, what I mean is I’m at a point where contentment (with life, job, etc) is meant to have been attained, and I have achieved a KIND of contentment, but I’m not really content with the flavor of contentment I’m now “enjoying.”  Got it?  Still no? Ok.  I’m not super happy with my life, but it works….kind of.

Anyway (and thanks a lot for distracting me and making me write all that out because I almost lost my train of thought), I thought I’d spend today writing about 50 reasons to be happy.  This is sort of like the blog, 1000 Awesome Things, but shorter, less in-depth and infinitely less awesome.  Seriously, you should probably just go to that site and stop reading this one.  So, here is my list of 50 things that make me happy. You can’t judge me, but you can put your happy things in the comments and then I’ll judge you.  You’re welcome.

1. Being busy.
2. Using fancy words in everyday conversation.
3. The moment I finish working out.
4. The first sip of coffee in the morning.
5. Getting recognition for my accomplishments from unlikely sources.
6. When my sister surprises me with cookies.
7. Being able to amaze people with trivial bits of information (e.g. blue eyes didn’t exist 10,000 years ago, a raindrop is an accelerated sphere)
8. Traveling to faraway places.
9. Coming home.
10. Days with low humidity and bright sunshine.
11. The fact that wind is my favorite meteorological phenomenon.
12. The number 7.
13. Good TV.
14. Bad TV.
15. When my dad likes the same things as I do.
16. When people think I’m funny.
17. Finishing a writing assignment.
18. Good books.
19. Clean closets.
20. Yarn.
21. Knitting needles.
22. The fact that my obsessions with yarn and knitting needles leads everyone to think I’m a crazy person.
23. Dirty jokes.
24. People who like it when I repeat dirty jokes.
25. Board games.
26. Competing.
27. Go-carts.
28. Finding a new type of pen that writes really well and has the perfect width of ink line.
29. Getting good deals on groceries.
30. Shoe shopping.
31. Farmers markets.
32. Thanksgiving.
33. Shaking incandescent lighbulbs to see if they’re burnt out.
34. Gerber daisies.
35. My dog.
36. My scars.
37. The ways little kids pronounce things.
38. Being a strong swimmer.
39. Stargazing.
40. barbecuing.
41. Being able to do quick math in my head (I’m talking like, “how much do i tip?” no advanced calculus).
42. Saying good morning to the woman who collects aluminum cans on recycling day.
43. Sunglasses that flatter my face.
44. Summertime.
45. The first snowfall.
46. Boat rides.
47. Good music.
48. Chocolate.
49. Being 98% done with this list.
50. Surprising myself that I can actually think of 50 things.

I should add that these are really in no particular order.

What are your things?


One response to “50 reasons to be happy

  1. Amanda says:

    What a fun post! My list would include ice cream, fresh fruit and yogurt (like I’m eating right now) and the first time I can wear a sweater in the fall.

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