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It’s Coming from the Attic!!

on September 6, 2011

I’ve been racking my brain all night trying to think of a lovely anecdote to share and I’m coming up empty. I blame this on my complete lack of sleep last night. Some of it was my fault but a significant portion wasn’t.

You see I drove back from PA yesterday and probably had too much caffeine between the coffee in the morning and the soda for the drive that I wasn’t tired at my normal bedtime. I finally forced myself to bed a good 3 hours after I should’ve been there. I finally was getting myself to sleep and it happened. A random skittering noise. I tried to tell myself I was hearing things and then it happened again. I was suddenly awake and alert all over again.  I turned the light on and figured there was no where it could be coming from in the room . I turned the light out and tried to settle back to my nearly asleep state and it happened again. This time I pinpointed the sound. It was coming from the attic!! There is some small varmint living in the attic above my apartment. My current hope is that it stays there. I cede the territory that is the attic to the small skittering critter. I just ask that it does its late night skittering over the laundry room or the bathroom where I can’t hear it and stays in the attic.

I’m hoping tonight will be a little quieter. There is a steady rain falling making the attic good and cold. A good night for critters to hunker down and not skitter across the ceiling above my head; ’cause I could really use a solid night of sleep.


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