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Cooking for One

on September 21, 2011

One of the things I dreaded when I once again set out on my own was going back to cooking for one. It’s not that I can’t cook. If you give me a recipe I can follow it and turn out something pretty tasty but rarely are recipes for one serving. Most of the recipes I have are for 4-6 people and honestly leftovers get tiresome by the third meal. I also I have little desire to go through read and follow the directions for a recipe to whip up dinner after a long day of work. In my opinions recipes are for the weekend. It makes me miss all those days of my life living at home where there was a below from the house and magically there was a version of a home cooked meal waiting.

The last time I was out of my own I relied heavily on Lean Cuisines and canned soup. Every so often I would feel very grown up and cook myself dinner. I’d “grill” (heat up) a ham steak on my George Foreman and cook up a box of Mac & Cheese. In my mind, especially after a long day of work, boiling water for macaroni was a serious culinary operation.

Now that I’m back in my own apartment again I’m attempting to do a little better than frozen dinners and boxed Mac & Cheese. Don’t get me wrong my specialty, ham steak with mac & cheese, is still on the menu from time to time but I’m attempting to be a little healthier and diverse with my dinners.

The local farm stands have helped. I have whipped up some seriously tasty salads courtesy of those fine establishments. Just last week I was debating what to eat and was about to heat up a can of Chef Boyardee that I had purchased to prepare for a certain large storm that hit the northeast. I then remembered I had purchased spaghetti and a jar of sauce waaaay back when I first moved in.I opted for boiling my pasta rather than going for the canned variety. I was so proud of my adult behavior (It’s the little things).

My next trip to the grocery store I stepped up my game and bought a small bag of frozen meatballs. My family will vouch for me on this, I love a good plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Now that I’ve realized how quickly I can whip up a single plate, well let’s just say I’ve had more than my fair share of spaghetti dinners and I have yet to tire of them. Some nights I’ll just make an even bigger salad when I feel I need a really healthy dinner.

I’m hoping I can progress even further and come up with other quick single serve dinners I can throw together. I’m proud of my progress these last few weeks. I at least feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Now I just have Lean Cuisines for lunch.


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