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What’s with this weather?

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At the end of a morning jog around Green Lake

Good ole’ Punxatawny Phil got it wrong. When the poor rodent was pulled from his hidey hole in Gobbler’s Knob last week, he said that there would be six more weeks of winter. I think Poor Phil forgot to look at the weather forecast because this has been anything but winter.

Here in Seattle, we’ve had exactly one week of winter. We had mild temperatures all the way through November and December. Finally, for one week in January we had cold and snow. It was enough to close schools for four days. Eight inches in most of the northern half of the country would be no big deal, but we had three issues: 1.) We don’t get snow often and especially not that amount all at once, so people don’t know how to handle it. 2.) It snowed, then iced, then snowed, then melted, then iced. It was ugly. 3.) We are the second hilliest city in the country (behind San Francisco) and it made for treacherous driving conditions. Some of our major downtown roads are hills that terminate at the Puget Sound! I enjoyed the time off – snuggling with my dog on the couch, drinking tea and cocoa, and getting my money’s worth out of my Netflix subscription.

But now? Not winter. It was 60 degrees here on Tuesday, and that followed a very spring like winter. I took my dog to Green Lake for a walk over the weekend and it was packed! We weaved our way around the lake, enjoying the sunshine and the sights. It was a gorgeous day and did not resemble winter in any way.

Not that I’m complaining. I work in one of the oldest schools in the city and the heat is less than reliable. I haven’t had to bundle up in my heaviest sweaters to get through the cold mornings. When running, I haven’t had to wear four layers to stay warm on the long morning runs.  Maybe it’s global warming, maybe it’s a natural fluctuation of temperatures, or maybe it’s just a a fluke. All I know is that I am ready for spring and an early one sounds great to me!

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Ahhhhhhh……annnnnd we’re back

Vacations are delightful, aren’t they?  Particularly when you have no to-dos, no responsibilities, no wake-up calls.  Coming back from vacations is less awesome.

I was just away for a week, I went to TN, to our friends’ houseboat with my mom and my sister.  We have known these people since I was seven and my sister was five.  My mom worked at a preschool with two other women and they really hit it off. They happened to all have kids about the same age.  We all became friends, too.  So these TN trips are like a big family reunion.  During the weeks we’re floating in a TN lake, I have more mothers, fathers and siblings  than any other time of the year.  Remarkably, this isn’t a cause for irritation.  The people who own the boat have cultivated an atmosphere of extreme relaxation:  You want to float with a drink in your hand?  Sure!  You want to get drug around the lake behind the boat? Ok!  You want to lay on the deck and get sun?  Cool!  How about going to ride on the jetski?  That’s good too.

Which makes it all the harder to come back to the reality of expectations, schedules and work.  I’ve been feeling zombie-ish this week.  Getting my thoughts together is harder than usual (which could be because the weather has been hotter than usual) and my desire to move myself is pretty low.  My brain is still on vacation.

Never fear!  I’m going back on vacation next week.


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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

It’s not a crazy heat wave by any stretch of the imagine. It’s normal Summer hot right now. Temperatures in the low 80s with a bit of humidity and I greatly dislike it. I’ve talked to many people and had the debate. Which is worse? Really cold or really hot? Neither in extremes is good. Both can kill you if you’re not properly prepared. But if we’re talking the Normal cold of Winter vs the normal heat and humidity of Summer. I’ll take the cold. Don’t get me wrong I do prefer the season of Summer to Winter. But at least with the cold of winter you can continue to layer where in the Summer you can only take off so much. Some more than others.

My insistence on wearing pants for most of the Summer really doesn’t help my plight, I know this, but my job requires me to walk through fields with high grass (aka tick emporiums) and wade through shrubs that like to grab at your legs and scratch at you. Since I like being a tick free me and don’t want my legs all scratched up, pants it is. The unfortunate thing is the combination of the heat and necessary work wear (I didn’t mention my toasty boots) makes me A. Feel really gross by 11am and B. Completely saps any energy I may have by 3pm (this is really bad since I’m supposed to “work” until 4:30pm).

I might have done little to no physical work all day (like today when I really just walked houses) and I feel like I ran a marathon. I leave work knowing I need to workout, clean, make dinner, fold laundry, write a blog post…but I simply long for my couch and pjs. I do not enjoy turning in to this Summer Slouch but it just seems to happen every year. In a few weeks I’ll adapt to the temperatures a little more. Hopefully by mid-July I can be back to my normal state of being able to get something accomplished after I leave the office.

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