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Christine’s Corner…cheesy but true

Happy Thursday Everybody! I like Thursdays because you can feel the weekend is coming soon. And who doesn’t like that? Just like some of the other ladies on here, this is my first adventure in blogging. Bear with me while I try to cobble together my thoughts and forgive my horrible grammar.

My life right now is in a state of impending transition. Whether I like it or not, it is about to change. For better or worse? I don’t know. I’ll go glass half full and say for the better. We’ll visit the whole story of what’s coming on the horizon another week. For the time being, how about a “My Life Pre-Transition” intro?

I turned 31 this year so I am officially IN my 30s. I live in a suburb of a suburb southwest of Philadelphia, PA. I live with my parents in the house I grew up in. Not the same room though. At least I’ve moved down the hall. I pay some rent to make me feel better about the situation. It was only supposed to be for a couple of years after I moved out of my apartment. Those “couple of years” have turned into more, much to my chagrin. Life, being the crazy thing it is, decided to throw a big wrinkle my way that kept me where I am (again this will have to wait for another week).

I have a BS in Horticulture from Pennsylvania State University. I don’t work in a city, quite the opposite in fact. I work on a 250 acre wholesale nursery in rural southeastern PA. I work in the yard that sells to the local landscapers and garden centers as the assistant manager. I am surrounded by trucks, tractors, skid loaders, and a ton of plants. My office is a small, maybe 20′ x 30′, building with no indoor plumbing. Port O Johns are not that bad when cleaned regularly and hand sanitizer/hand wipes are a god send.  My job is great because I’m not always trapped in the office.  Those beautiful days when people are longingly looking out their windows I’m out wandering around in the sunshine. The opposite is also true. After awhile, rain gear does nothing and you just get wet.

I like to go hiking when I can. I’m a fan of vistas so if I can get to the top of a small mountain it’s a happy day. I emphasize small. Mt. Everest is not in my future. After college, “I taught myself to crochet!”.  Really, that was the title of the book. It’s become a fun hobby and my friends usually get the fruits of my labor. I have other things I dabble in but those are the big two.

As far as Christine’s Corner (and to sum up)? I live in the corner of the state in the corner of the house and I work in the corner of the office (not to be confused with corner office). So the title is apt. I apologize for the cheesy title.  It won’t happen again. Uh, I can’t actually promise that.


Meet Amanda! (is that too vain??)

Hello, world, and welcome to my first foray into blogging! I represent the NY metro region in this blog. I work in NYC but live in NJ with my husband. I got married just over a year ago, but I still like to consider myself a newlywed. It all seems more exciting and romantic that way.

I work at a nonprofit foundation (please don’t ask me how to get grants. I can’t help you.) where I help emerging nonprofits become independent organizations fulfilling a vital need in their community. It’s rewarding and frustrating all at once (more about that in a future post I’m sure).

I’ve been in NJ for about 6 years now. I moved here to be with my boyfriend (now husband) after graduating from Penn State. Despite swearing that I would never go back to school after finishing my undergrad, 2 years later I was back in school, this time at NYU where I studied Global Affairs. I received my graduate degree in 2008 (while working fulltime – not fun) and now I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Most people would have tried to figure that out in advance. Me? I guess I just like to keep things spontaneous.

I try to keep busy – I like being outdoors and I just became a certified scuba diver. Other than that, I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking and wine-festing (it’s an outdoor sport!). I have big plans, but less follow-through (I swear, one of these days I WILL start going to the gym regularly) and sometimes I seem to still struggle with basic functions of being an adult….like cooking meals. It’ll all come together though and I try to enjoy the ride in the meantime. More next week!

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