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Perspectives of Five Women

Who We Are

We’re five women from five different places with five very different lives.  We’re all in our late twenties/early thirties and are in different careers. With this blog, we intend to look at issues that we are dealing with in our lives, such as careers, relationships, family, education, etc.


Hi! I’m Samantha.  I’m the oldest of the group by about seven months and I live near Seattle, WA.  I’m not married or in any relationship, and my only baby is my 2 year old pup, Toby.  I teach high school English, Drama, and Special Education and have taught both here and in the NYC Public Schools.  I did my undergrad at Penn State, teaching certification at NYU, and most recently, my Masters in Education at the University of Washington.  I’m currently looking for a full-time teaching position and am a substitute in a local district while I’m searching.


I have lived in the DC area for over a year. I love to travel and learn about world cultures and enjoy world news. I enjoy dance, walking, and reading. I enjoy independent films and movies and can’t think of what else to write in here. I used to love watching motorcades until they started making me late for work!


I’m Amanda. I’m the youngest in the group, desperately clinging on to the remaining months of my twenties. I live in NJ with my husband and work at a nonprofit foundation in New York City. I went to Penn State and majored in Management/International Business and Theatre. I’ve also completed a Masters degree in Global Affairs from New York University. When not working (or commuting), I participate in a host of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping and scuba diving. I also enjoy reading and am addicted to my Kindle.


I live in Boston, with my dog, Roxy.  I travel quite a bit for work, but when I’m home I knit and run.  I have another blog Hitting the Ground, which details my attempts to become a runner.  I’ll be thirty later this year.  I’ve spent my twenties living mostly in the Northeast, in New York and Boston, but I graduated from University of Southern California in 2002, so I’ve done some West Coast living as well.


I live in Southeastern, Pa with my folks. I’ve lived in this part of the state in one place or another basically my whole life. I turned 31 earlier this year. I graduated from Penn State with a BS in Horticulture. I enjoy hiking and generally being out in nature. I also crochet in my spare time. Most of my friends tend to get the results of my handy-work. I like to read but hardly ever do if  I’m being honest.

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